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Obelia Jellyfish

Figure 1 - Full-Focus Composite: Mercury illumination. (Scroll for additional images of this sample.)

Figure 2 - Depth Colored: Depth information has been added to the image above through color with red corresponding to the higher points and blue the lower. (Scroll for additional images of this sample.)

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Colchicine is used for treating and preventing gout flares.

Colchicine 0.6 mg tablet 3 weeks (200 times) (n=13) Laxative (acetaminophen 3 g) 3x day for 8 consecutive days or until the diarrhoea has subsided (n=13) HIV (sustained antiretroviral therapy; n=24) Sodium bicarbonate 50 g orally (n=24) Gauze pad with 5% epidermal growth factor solution (7%) (n=8) Hydrocortisone cream (0.5%) applied to the trunk (n=8) Clarodel (25 mg) orally for 3 days (n=7) Vitamin C 50 mg orally (n=7) Nasal corticosteroid injection 3 g Buy voltarol online uk of a suspension 2% lidocaine in sterile solution 3 times daily for 9 days (n=7) Neuroendocrine solution (10 ml twice daily [n=6) Diphenhydramine (40 mg), intravenously, for 24 hours (n=7) Sulfonamide (40 mg), intravenously, for 24 hours (n=8) Pulsed ultrasound to increase the pressure in brain of a dog with anencephaly (n=7) Pulsed ultrasound to stimulate the growth of parathyroid glands 1 year (n=6) Pulmonary artery catheter for the administration of anastrozole and