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Re: Title of the standard

Title of the standard
January 11, 2012 05:21PM
I think we need to resolve the title before we go into this meeting.

For information, here are things that this type of spec is called elsewhere:

MIL-PRF-13830B lists scratch, dig, true roof, concentration, coatings, bubbles and inclusions as "surface quality". Edge chips and cement errors show up in separate sections.

ISO 10110-7 lists scratches, digs, pits, coating defects, cement errors, and edge chips as "surface imperfections". Bubbles and inclusions show up in a separate section.

MIL-C-48497A lists scratches and digs as "surface defects", and coating cosmetic, spatter, blemishes, spatter and holes are all listed under "coating quality"

DIN 3140 lists scratches, digs, and pullouts as "surface defects". bubbles and inclusions are listed as "flaws", and coating defects, digs, color, etc are all "coating defects".

From this list, it seems the three most appropriate terms would be "surface quality", "surface imperfections" or "surface defects". I would like to propose we synchronise with ISO 10110-7, and use the term "surface imperfections", even though it is not strictly correct. At the most, we could change it to "surface and coating imperfections", since these are clearly both covered. This will simplify the effort to incorporate OP1.002 into ISO 10110.



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Re: Title of the standard
January 22, 2012 06:06AM
I agree that "surface and coating imperfections" is a good title.
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